Side Lines Top Picks


The Carolyn Bracelet
Side Lines’ classic, best-selling bracelet. Sterling silver multi-link bracelet with engravable disk. We offer machine, as well as hand-engraving (hand engraving shown above).


Waxing Poetic
Well articulated letters and charms, each a replica of a real wax cast, conjure history with their form.

African Elephant Hair
The bracelets are hand-made of precious metals, replicating the original bracelet that was woven out of elephant hair. The legend of the bracelet says to wear it and have good fortune and many years of love, prosperity, and happiness.
Also available: necklaces and earrings

The Dolphin

Jason Stoddard

Sterling silver and 14K gold hand-crafted bracelets by Alabama artist, Jason Stoddard.


Diana Warner
New York jewelry designer, Diana Warner, “believes what we adorn ourselves with should be artful and responsible. Not only should our fashion enhance how we feel, but it should also positively impact those around us.”


Simon Sebbag

High fashion designer line made of Sterling Silver that is chunky, yet incredibly lightweight.  Simon Sebbag is hand-crafted by a family-owned company.  Side Lines has proudly carried this line for over 20 years.